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Even though we have a plethora of food in our society, it’s nearly impossible to get all our nutrients from food even if our diet is super healthy.

So that’s where supplements come in!

As a nutritionist and a consumer of supplements for many years, it is very apparent that not all supplements are created equally. Brands do matter when it comes to supplements.

After trying numerous brands of supplements and researching their quality and company standards, I have decided on Pure Encapsulations® as the main supplement brand that I personally use and recommend to my clients.

You are welcome to visit my online store that the company has allowed me to set up to better serve you.

Your one-stop-shop for high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements


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Things to Consider when Buying Supplements

Is the product you’re buying actually what it says it is?

A supplement brand with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) label is set by the FDA and signifies that a product has passed rigorous testing to contain the specified ingredients.

Are the ingredients present in the right amount?

Many dietary supplements on the market contain too much, too little, or none of the ingredients listed. Choose a brand that tests their products for potency.

What else could your supplements contain?

Unfortunately, supplements could be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or mold which could have detrimental health effects. Choose a brand that tests their products for purity.

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Why I Love Pure Encapsulations

Highest-Quality Ingredients
No artificial ingredients


No unnecessary binders, fillers, or preservatives

No magnesium stearate

No common allergens like soy, egg, lactose, peanuts

No gluten and certified GF

NSF-GMP Registered

Several third-party laboratories test their products for quality ingredients

All of their raw materials are tested for identity, potency, and purity

Committed to Science

All of their product compounds have been validated by scientific research

They have more than 30 product-specific clinical studies published in leading peer-reviewed journals

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Join the Pure Healthy Body Community!